Deciding to become a Coach has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has truly changed my life for the better and I'm so thankful to be working from home and not missing out on the moments & milestones with my precious girl!

What skills do you need to be a coach? 

A coach on our team needs to be positive and self-motivated with a desire to grow and to help others succeed. 

We will teach you the rest!! In fact, I will help you customize a plan of action according to YOUR skills and YOUR goals. The beauty of this business is that it can be whatever you want it to be!

There's no need for sales pressure, fitness/nutrition expertise, a huge transformation, or experience of any kind. Coaching is all about genuinely caring & helping other people succeed. We focus on our challengers getting results and reaching their goals by teaching them clean eating, meal planning, meal prep, and giving them daily support and accountability. 

Our priority is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE…
We focus on our own health and fitness first so that we can share our knowledge and journey with others.
Does that mean that you have to be at your goal weight to be a coach? Absolutely not! SO many people on our team started in the MIDDLE or even at the very start of their own personal transformations. One of the cool things about coaching is that it will help keep YOU accountable to your own health and fitness goals.

What makes a good coach is someone who is going to be vulnerable and willing to share their journey with others so that REAL people just like you, will feel that THEY TOO can do it! Everything else you will need, is provided on our misFIT REPublic team website, team Facebook page and/or on our weekly trainings that you watch/hear at your convenience.

WHY become a Coach? 

I truly do believe that Coaching is about SO much more than the money and all of the FREE trips. Don’t get me wrong, the money and vacations are awesome and have allowed me to do so many things, but it really goes so much further beyond that!
So... I wanted to take some time to share a few of my favorite things that happen to you when you become a Coach that have absolutely nothing to do with the money or trips you’ll earn!

One word: FREEDOM.

Freedom of time, location, finances, and freedom to be YOU!

Just like I believe that fitness is for everyone, so is coaching. Everyone “runs” their online fitness and nutrition businesses differently, according to their skills, likes, interests, goals, and lifestyle. You get to bring your own ideas and creativity to the table! 

Plus, as a coach, you're totally in charge of your own can work from anywhere, as much or as little as you want to, and WHEN you want to. Not a morning person? (me neither!) 
o problem, sleep in. I actually get all of my work done during nap time or just after Madison goes to bed at night. Do what works for you!

The community is AWESOME!

A big part of joining our team is working with amazing, driven people across the country – we consider ourselves a big family that helps one another, celebrates achievements, and we are passionate about the ripple effect we get to create in the world! 

There are SO many amazing coaches on our team — teachers, moms and dads, engineers, nurses, make-up artists, college students, social workers, you name it, we have it! It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from. We all wear different hats, but are united by our love of helping others! 

The best part?? You will always have a ton of support from a community that will feel like your FAMILY!

You get to work on YOU, like it's your job!

Both our team and our company are all about developing yourself as a person and becoming the best version of you possible.
Sure, this happens through focusing on living a healthier lifestyle, exercising regularly, and fueling your body with nutritious, whole foods, but it goes far beyond that too!

As a Coach, you get to focus on truly getting to know yourself and developing your strengths so that you can become an amazing leader and role model!

We are encouraged to read/listen to personal development in several different areas--everything from mindset and self-confidence, to being an entrepreneur, to faith, to overcoming fears/doubts, and so much more--and we are provided with an endless amount of resources and training in order to allow us to become the most amazing versions of ourselves possible!
If you’re going to own your own business and you’re going to put your journey out there, you might as well make sure you’re as fabulous on the inside as you are on the outside, right?!