I LOVE working with others and helping them reach their fitness and health goals!

It’s not about being “skinny” and it’s not about the numbers on the scale or your pants tag.
To me, a health and fitness goal should be based on what makes you feel GOOD.
A healthy inside leads to a healthy mind, renewed self-confidence, and a fulfilling life. 

Every month, I offer several options to anyone interested in starting a fitness and health routine...check them out below! 



I host one mini challenge every month. 

They vary in length from 3-12 days, and are designed to give my clients a small idea of what one of my challenge groups is like! It is a great place for resources on clean eating and recipes. I change them up depending on the time of year, seasonal/available fruits and veggies and by holidays!!  I offer a week’s worth of clean eating meal plans, grocery lists, daily fitness challenges, and a Q and A to get all of your questions answered!! 

If you would like to participate in my next mini challenge just send me a message.

Click the link below to make me your FREE coach and let’s get you plugged in!! 

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Do you constantly start new fitness/health routines and then stop?  

I used to be that girl with a gym membership who would go, stand around, do a few things, and then leave feeling unaccomplished. 

Sad, I know. And guess what? 

I NEVER saw the results I wanted. 

A big part of that was also because I wasn't fueling my body with proper nutrition and I didn’t have much time to commit to a full out fitness routine...especially not after my daughter arrived!

So, if you have tried lots of “quick fixes” and nothing sticks,  I am here to tell you that I won’t stop until YOU have success. 

Every single month, I run challenge groups! Workouts vary from 20-45 minutes a day (depending on the program that we decide would work best for your lifestyle) and I teach you everything there is to know about clean eating. Everything is done through an actual app on your phone where I provide you with daily accountability, motivation, recipes, tips, grocery lists, daily challenges, and anything else you may need for SUCCESS!! My challengers have the ability to log their workouts, their nutrition, and track their progress. If I see someone isn’t tracking their adventure, you can be SURE I’ll be there to make sure they are doing okay and provide any help they need. 


  1. Do I need a gym? NOPE! Not unless you want to use one. Everything can be done with a computer, iPad/tablet, smart phone or TV (like Appletv, Firestick, Roku or Chromecast) Some programs require hand weights, bands, and/or pull up bars, but many are equipment-free!
  2. Do I have to show anyone pictures? NOPE! You only share what you are comfortable sharing 
  3. What if I can’t keep up? Every fitness program I offer has a modifier available so that ANYONE can modify at any time to fit their needs and abilities.
  4. What can I expect for results? Results vary from each person depending on how much they stick to the program. Most of my challengers average a 10-15 pound weight loss and lose several inches difference in the first 3 weeks. The more you stick to the plan I provide for you, the better your results!! 

If this sounds like something you would like to do, you can contact me by filling out the Challenge Group Application below and I will get back to you within 24 hours! 



This challenge is for those who want to really jump start their clean eating journey, restart their fitness adventure with a detox, or just rid their body of toxins after too much indulgence!

The Complete Kit comes with :

  • 3 packets of Shakeology®* - your choice of 6 flavors (we recommend Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry Vegan because plant-based proteins are often easier for the body to digest)
  • 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh (high-protein shake)
  • 3 packets of Fiber Sweep (digestive health drink), and 
  • 1 Program Guide

* Also avaliable without Shakeology for those of you who already have a stock of it at home.


Rewards Program

I've spent the past couple of months really focusing on QUALITY of time & investment {in all things in life}, but especially in serving YOU...

My goal is to work even more 1:1 with those who are TRULY ready to commit and make some changes. Is that you?

My VIP ALL ACCESS challengers can schedule weekly calls with me (if desired), work on goal setting & CRUSHING, meal planning, AND...

Can also earn some fun prizes for staying consistent and showing up!

Ready to start fresh or to snag a spot in my next cohort?
Simply click the button below & let me know!

Thank you for letting me continue to serve you and help you be the BEST you that YOU can be!