The past week in Alto, NM REALLY spoiled us! The cool air, the trees beginning to change, and all of the yummy chai tea lattes I indulged in at the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop made it seem like fall. (My FAVORITE time of year)
Needless to say, coming home to temperatures that are 20 degrees higher than they were/are there made playing outside this afternoon seem absolutely unbearable. So, to keep my busy toddler entertained, happy, and INSIDE in the glorious air conditioner, I came up with this simple activity with a few things we had around the house!!
It worked even better than I could have ever imagined, y'all! (hallelujah!!)

I mean... just LOOK how happy she is!

I mean... just LOOK how happy she is!

Behold the magic of Pom Pom Play! 
Those little fuzzy pom poms are really such a versatile toddler tool and this simple activity gave me a lot of bang for my buck... it successfully kept my kiddo entertained while I prepped dinner AND she got to work on her fine motor skills and sorting (a great math/science skill because it introduces the concepts of classifying and organizing data!).

It really doesn't take much to set up this pom pom sorting activity!
Like, it may have been the easiest thing I did all day. Not exaggerating.


To get started, I grabbed the colored buckets from the party drawer for our base to sort into for this activity. Then, I poured all of the pom poms onto the bar (Maddie has this learning tower so she can reach and help in the kitchen. It's the bomb!) and put out a clothespin for her to use for grabbing and sorting. She had a REALLY hard time applying enough force to open the clothespin, so I ended up grabbing some tongs for her to use instead and it was a gamechanger! I also made sure that I only poured the pom pom balls that I had matching colored buckets for (sorry white and red, not today!). Madison took one look at the setup and knew exactly what to do. I wish you could have seen the excitement on her face!


Using the tongs to capture the pom poms and transfer them over was the PERFECT challenge for my two year old. After she sorted all of the pom poms the first time, she dumped them out and did it AGAIN... without me prompting her to! She ended up staying really focused and engaged for about 30 minutes. Which was long enough for me to get dinner prepped and the kitchen tidied. It was amazing for BOTH of us!! She had a blast, and I was so impressed with her skills and concentration. Pom pom play is a BIG hit over here!!
Have you tried it?

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