Happy BUMP day, y’all!
Hope you’re having a great week so far.
By now I’m sure you’ve heard the exciting news that we are expecting our 2nd baby girl January 1, 2020… how’s that for a due date!? (haha)
Sorry, kid.

Well, we just reached the 20 week mark and while I haven’t shared a ton of details, I was asked via an Instagram story poll to start sharing more of my favorite items and what’s been helping me get through this go-around!

From food to fitness to clothes and more, here is how this first half has been going and what I’ve been loving…

Food & Supplements

At the beginning, I couldn’t even stand sweets—shocking for me! The only things that really ever sounded “good” the first few months was beans & rice (specifically from Fresa’s) or cereal. So there was A LOT of having Favor deliver Fresa’s to me each day. Madison wasn’t upset about all of the tacos and quesadillas she got to eat from there though!
I’m still feeling like the queen of carbs over here, but I can finally stomach a lot more and am pretty much back to eating a well-balanced diet…most days. In addition to the food, these are the main two supplements I’ve been taking (besides my daily morning dose of mama hustle juice for energy, of course!) each day:

  • MegaFood, Baby & Me 2, Prenatal and Postnatal Vitamin- I have been taking these pretty much this whole pregnancy (besides when I tried the few other sample packs I was given by my OB office) and love them! I was already a fan of the MegaFood brand for supplements because they are such high quality and whole foods derived, so these were my first choice in the sea of endless options and I will most likely continue taking them while breastfeeding as well.
    I will mention that they are kind of large, so if you have issues with swallowing pills, they may not be for you… BUT they have not made me nauseous when I take them in the mornings like some of the others I tried.

  • Collagen Boost- I LOVE adding this to my shake each day (even when I’m not pregnant)!
    I noticed that when I took some time off from taking it, I had breakouts on my face… so it’s been great at helping keep my skin clear, and having something to increase my skin elasticity is definitely needed as everything continues to stretch and grow.



If you’re interested in learning more about my specific routine or would like to join us in the fitTribe, don’t hesitate to reach out, or  you can just    fill this out    & I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Alright, real talk… for the first 13ish weeks I was SO. SICK. We’re talking all day nausea and weakness + severe seasonal allergy type symptoms that had me couch-ridden most of the time. Thank goodness that Madison is so awesome about independent play and can easily entertain herself given a handful of art supplies—she’s the real MVP here. Anyways, I was only getting 1-3 workouts in each week during this time and stuck pretty much to yoga and some of the first trimester workouts that are available in our virtual fitTribe gym.
Around weeks 14 & 15, I started feeling more like myself and was able to get all the way back into my usual routine! Hallelujah!!!

I’m currently working out every day as part of my fitTribe Babes Be100 Movement and LOVING it!
Essentially, our goal is to complete ONE HUNDRED 20-30 minute workouts T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R while striving to feel our best & live our best lives…aka “Being 100!” Each day has been fresh and fun with a new workout varying from cardio & strength training to barre-inspired, mobility focused with lots of great yoga stretches, and even some kickboxing mixed in. I’ve been making sure to modify as necessary to what’s safe for this point in pregnancy + what feels good for my body and have been lifting a bit lighter weights than I usually would. It has been great though and my plan is to continue this up until delivery time!


If you know me, you know I am all about comfort, especially when pregnant! In fact, most days you will generally find me in active wear, so that’s mainly what I am going to be recommending to you guys here, though I did pick up a couple of great non-maternity dresses at Old Navy last week when I took Madison shopping for a few new things for school (I swear she grew like 6 inches taller these past 3 months!)
For all of these items, I stuck true-to-size (pre-pregnancy) so everything you see me in is a size small.

  • Mid-Rise Cozy Shorts by JoyLab™ at Target
    I’ve got to start with the comfiest of comfies, y’all! These things are AMAZING and I’m probably going to be living in them for the rest of FOR-EV-ER, especially now that I know they come in 3 other colors! What?! BRB going to stock up!! These are the softest shorts and while they are not maternity, they do fit nicely under my growing belly
    …and they have pockets.

  • Kindred Bravely UnderTheBump Underwear

    This maybe TMI but one of the first things to get uncomfortable were my normal undies! I canNOT stand things that feel like they are compressing my belly even a little, so I hit that ‘add to cart’ button real quick when I saw these on PrimeDay. No regrets!
    Like those shorts above, I’m probably going to be wearing these forever too. They are sooo soft and stretchy, and I’m wishing I had purchased some when I was pregnant with Madison! Live and learn.

  • Go-To Twist Short
    The waistband on these is very nice!
    Another non-maternity item but they’re so lightweight and stretchy that they have been perfect so far and I think they’ll continue to be as I grow.
    They’re currently unavailable in this green color that I have, but you can get them in black or grey.

  • Senita Mom Perfect Latch Nursing Sports Bra
    AND Mamacita Maternity Capris

    You guys… these pieces were a bit of a splurge for me, but I absolutely adore them! First off all, go look at the back on that sports bra (since I didn’t capture it here)—it is so darn cute! Second, the material their products are made of is like butter. I just got these two pieces as kind of a trial to see how I would like their things and I will definitely be ordering more!! The bra is not super supportive for high impact activities, but the leggings are!

  • Old Navy Jersey and Rib Knit Swing Dresses

    I’ll have to come back later and update you guys with photos of me in these after I’ve actually worn them somewhere other than the fitting room (haha), but I have a feeling I’ll be living in them this fall because easy dresses are kind of my go to when we are going to be out and about! They were so comfy and have plenty of room for bump growth + they’re not pants… because who likes wearing those!? (I got them in Cherry Bark & Moss Landing)

What were or have been some of your pregnancy favorites???